Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wow its 2012 and new album almost done!

Hey peeps, i know, im a bit rubbish at doing all these things that are now expected of artists in an internet savvy world so i do apologis for not writing a blog for over a year. a lot has happened in that time..i became a dad, Pure Gold got released on Z to a lot of criticial acclaim started an online session keyboard service EZkeys and if this wasnt enough, i've now almost completed the 3 rd JD73 album, 'Make Your Move'..

Theres a lot riding on this album for me, particularly as its the first album that ive penned entirely myself. I've been honing my lyric writing skills and production skills, expanding my studio and focusing on getting parts laid down all at once. There was also a very clear objective musically and lyrically with this new album. Musically i wanted to show a more stripped down, deeper yet groovier side of JD73 so its tougher beats, lots of rolling Moog basslines, less of a disco vibe and just generally a bit more soulful. Its turned out exactly as i hoped and im determined that this will be THE definitve JD73 album in terms of laying out what this project is about. The other main objective was to showcase local talent around the Leeds area. So theres Miss Modest, Fraser and Ella May (who sang killers from Pure Gold such as Pure Gold, Fantasy and Think Twice, alongside Pete Simpson (Sunburst Band and many other acts) who has delivered an absolutely outstanding performance on the first single 'Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling'.. There are also some other new vocalists about to record their parts that you'll soon know about! Anyway...This is not your run of the mill, generic soul that i feel all too many people make these days, this is proper proper soul music made in 2012 with a strong looking 4ward vibe but a hark to the past..As for a release of the album, thats still up in the air. I may do it myself, i may get a deal but the one thing thats different this time is its totally my vision the way i want it to be heard and so i assure you it will not disappoint! Back soon...

Friday, 15 October 2010

Pure Gold the new JD73 album is out now!

Yes peeps, the album has just come out this week, after 2 years hard graft and everyone seems to be loving it!! Its currently doing well in the amazon and itunes charts and the feedback has been astounding so thanks to everyone thats taken the time to send me a message or who has already bought the album and to all the radio stations/djs supporting the album too. Ill be writing about the story of making the album on here soon!

Also gonna be offering up some juicy free demos, remixes and tunes from the JD73 vault to everyone that joins my mailing list (top right of the blog front page) so hope you enjoy them too! PS dont forget to follow the blog too via the follow button at the bottom right of the blog front page. You can also subscribe to my posts via RSS too via the subscribe buttons.


The album can be purchased via these links, or google Jd73 pure gold for other places to buy include, Asda, Zavvi,

Talk Soon!
Dan (JD73)


Thursday, 2 September 2010

JD73 'Pure Gold' New Album mix 2010 by JD73

Very excited!

The new JD73 album Pure Gold is wrapped up and ready to drop next month on Joey Negro's Z records

You can hear a preview mix here

Hope you like!

Dan x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Long overdue update

Sorry for my very late update. The new album is coming along nicely, and the release is all under wraps but very much happening this year. Got 14 trax on in total, now including a few little instrumentals too, bridging the gap between Zeros and Ones and the new album 'Pure Gold' nicely!! Very excited about this as spending the extra time has really paid dividends in terms of a more coherent and spine tingling listening experience!

More to follow soon and ill try to not let it be so long next time. Aiming to drop the album late 2010 now which is more realistic with artwork, mastering and track order/credits still to do.

Talk soon

Monday, 18 January 2010


Latest tracks by JD73

Friday, 2 October 2009


Had a couple of offers of a deal for the new album this month. Thats a nice thing to have in this day and age and one of them looks particularly fine i have to say, so ill be looking at dropping the new album in January. Now i was gonna call the album SuperSexy but after a little thought i thought its maybe a little throwaway and cheesy so im re-thinking the title and rethinking the tracklisting and im dropping a couple of tunes and adding a couple of new ones too.

will be back in the studio next week to finish the new joints the get it all mixed down and ready to drop early next year..

Also had a great gig at the opening of Band On The Wall in manchester last week, band was sounding hot and there will be full dvd action to watch of the gig too soon..

talk soon